Aimed to protect children as they navigate through the world of technology – taking

    advantage of its vast resources, while limiting time wastage and eliminating explicit and dangerous content.

  • SPIN

    Safe web browser for children. SPIN enforces Google’s
    SafeSearch and uses built-in categories to filter out
    Porn, Drugs, Hate and many others.




Parental Control

SPIN Safe Browser

Parental Control / Web Filtering

Child’s Area

Parental Control

Parental Board

Parental Control


Mobile Device Management

About us

National Education Technologies is passionate about kids, education and technology. We are experts in Enterprise Mobility Management and have a mandate to empower parents to be able to provide responsible guidance to their children when it comes to the use of mobile devices.

Management Team

We’ve done the research. We’re leaders in the space, creating products that deliver wanted functionality for parents—and everything needs to work as promised. Our onboarding is simple and easy to follow. Our customers know exactly what to do and how to contact us if they have any issues. Our customer service is attentive—customer insight helps us improve our product. Although an authority on tech, when we speak to parents, we speak as concerned parents ourselves. We aren’t content just to sell a product. We are uncovering new knowledge and best practices to educate busy parents, all the time. Parents trust us to help them make the digital world a safe place for their kids.

  • Justin Payeur

    Justin Payeur

    Co-Founder, President & COO

    Father of 2, product evangelist, battling constant love/hate with tech.

  • Vik Khanna

    Vik Khanna

    Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

    Father of 3, entrepreneur at heart, passionate for all things #edtech.

  • Yuri Chernikov

    Yuri Chernikov

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Father of 3, supreme coder, and doesn’t believe in cable, whatsoever.

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